cost to paint kitchen cabinets in minneapolis mn

Depending on the system and materials your painting contractor uses, the cost to paint kitchen cabinets can vary greatly. We use a hybrid system – we spray doors and drawers, and brush and roll the cabinet boxes. This helps keep our labor costs lower and get the job done faster with minimal interruption inside your home.


Our average kitchen cabinet job is $4827.00. This is based on jobs we have produced in the last 12 months near the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. The lowest price is $3640.00 and the highest is $7325.00 in that time period.


The system that we produce every job with results in high quality finishes every time. We specialize in painting cabinets, we know how to be efficient with our time each day we are working on your project:

  1. We use a waterborne acrylic urethane enamel paint. It dries extremely fast so you can use your kitchen as soon as we are done working each day. This allows us to install doors and drawers the same day that we finish painting them, although we often wait until the next day to finish the installation and final touch-up.
  2. Because we aren’t spraying paint inside your home, we don’t need to create a spray “booth” in the middle of your home or relocate appliances while hanging and taping plastic over the entire kitchen to prevent overspray. Our prep time to protect your kitchen is usually under two hours for one painter, as opposed to a full day or more for a crew of painters.
  3. We spray doors and drawers outside your home in a custom trailer built for painting cabinets. We don’t pay for a shop and save time by not transporting parts across town to paint. Spraying the doors and drawers provides the smoothest finish. Brushing and rolling the cabinet boxes with the paint we use saves hours of prep time, creates no overspray in your home and results in a finish that is very close to spraying without the hassle, smells and overspray.

The process we follow and the systematic approach to every job helps us produce fantastic results predictably every time. Because of this system, we offer a lifetime guarantee – we will touch-up your cabinets once a year, upon request, after the first year the job is completed.

Learn more about our cabinet painting service here. If you’re looking to determine your cost to paint kitchen cabinets then use our virtual quote tool!