About Us

Why did you start a painting business?

After working for 8 years as a project manager for a residential remodeling company, Damon realized just how much he loves seeing the visual and emotional impact that he could make in a person’s home. That’s exactly what led him to starting On A Roll.

How long have you been in business for?

On A Roll has proudly served the Minneapolis area since July, 2020. And while the company is fresh, new and energized – the team is anything but.

With decades of experience in painting and armed with project management expertise, the On A Roll team is uniquely equipped with the clarity and skill to swiftly execute high-quality projects from start to finish.

What do you love most about painting?

Doing transformative work in something as personal as someone’s home, to make large-scale, positive changes to the way that they live and experience their space is incredibly rewarding.

What have been some challenges for you?

We prefer to hire employees with little to no experience (and no bad habits), then train them using our own systems and processes to become expert craftsmen and craftswomen. Giving them ownership of their own projects creates an environment where they are enthusiastic, engaged and interested in providing the best experience and results for our customers.

What's unique about On A Roll?

We specialize in interior painting (as opposed to exterior work). While many companies have their people jump from exterior project to interior project, and this project to that project throughout the year (often laying off employees in the winter) – we pride ourselves on continuity, and keep our staff working on the same or similar projects year round. This allows them to become experts at their craft and focusĀ on details that other painters often miss.